Turning 20

Turning 20

Turning 20 – This month marks the end of my teenage years. While nearly half of my teenage years have been spent inside an institution, I feel like I have made the most of them.

In my teen years leading up to my incarceration, I had various opportunities that many dream of having. I was fortunate enough to go on family vacations yearly. I had a job working for myself and at various local businesses. I was able to drive at the age of 15. I had friends who had similar interests.

Once I was incarcerated, I immediately started to find ways to educate myself, and keep myself busy rather than sleep all day. Going to school, reading books, constantly taking advantage of the opportunities I was given, and being willing to help when it was needed.

As I look back at my teenage years, I feel many different emotions. Happiness, sadness, regret, etc. I cannot go back in time to change to past so I must move forward and learn from it. I hope that my 20s will be good and decent. I am hoping to find new people to keep in contact with who will help me grow. I want to learn about different cultures and hear other people’s life stories. If you can, add me on jpay so we can start talking! I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who is willing to reach out. (edited)

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Cory Campbell – # 135848, Idaho

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