This is My first try at a Blog. So please bear with me on how to do this. I would like to touch on something that has been on my mind for some time now. (Please Reread All Before You Comment..)
Being A Good Man.
I was at one time loose with my love or sexing of women. But now that I’ve gotten older and Locked up. Things has changed. And I think on a different level now.
One day I sat down and wanted to find out why I was that way. And why was I trying to still want to try and be a player? And I came to know only I can change Me. And that’s what I wanted to do. So I started to tell myself the Truth. Now you would think that would be easy because I’m locked up and had to deal with that. But just like everybody else that’s free or locked up I can tell myself only half Truths. So I wanted to tell the Truth to everyone. Let me tell you that’s hard, but at the same time it felt so good to see people look at you differently then before. And you can see the lie coming so that helps also. I lost a lot of people on this road. But I found out they didn’t want to be around me in any way. But when it came to women it was one of the hardest things I had to do. But as time went on I got better at telling the Truth. Sure it hurt them sometimes but it was for the better in the long run. And being locked up I had to come to terms with the fact that trying to be Truthful and a Good Man can happen, but it comes with some help from the other person.
When I ask a Woman to be Truthful with me when I ask her something it never happens right away. We as people always feel no one can handle the Truth. So we lie and keep going. But that’s wrong of Us. No Real Man will get mad at the Truth if he asks for it. I find it funny how women can think them telling Me a lie will make Me feel better. But when I tell them why I want them to tell me the Truth and no lies. They still do it. I’m the Man who will not get mad at the Truth when I ask for it. And trust me I ask for it a lot more then others. I want to be your friend as well more if we can, but for a woman to keep lying that’s more of a turn off for me. And most Men who Are True to himself will feel the same way.
So if you feel you want to comment on what I have to say Please reach out to on JPay Patrick. R. Johnson #A391-134
And do know I’m all about That Truth….

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