Future Wife

To My Future Wife

Being the music lover that I am, If I had to pick a song that embodies my feelings as of late, then, I’d pick Miki Howard’s “Come Share My Love,” or Donell Jones’ “I Hope It’s You.”

I’m ready for love, for marriage, for you.

As my wife, I need you to sharpen me just as, Proverbs 27:17, speaks of iron sharpening iron. I need you to be strong enough to handle my pride and my ego, but nurturing enough to handle my vulnerability.

As my BFF, confidant, & advisor, I hope for us to: communicate, talk through our disagreements, understand and fulfill each others needs, and share our innermost desires, secrets & fears with each other, without the spectre of rejection or judgment.

I’m family oriented. I have two teenagers. And I adore children and hope to have more. To support our family, I plan for us to build a family business, one that will produce a generational wealth and legacy. And as my Co-CEO, I imagine us planning and executing together to achieve our family’s goals.

As a family, I imagine us to be close-knit, traveling about the globe, and enjoying life.

And as my lover, as the mother of my children, I promise to make you feel loved, appreciated & supported.

Hurry up and come share my love.

Please E-mail me @ Connectnetwork.com

With All My Heart,

Your Future Husband,


Photo by sergey mikheev on Unsplash

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