This is a free dog training program that uses
positive reinforcement techniques that will
promote desired behaviors from your dog.

And I offer it to you…RIGHT NOW!
Absolutely free!

If you can follow the instructions on how to make
cookies, then you and your dog will succeed in
my ”TLC DOG TRAINING” program.

You’ll need the following ingredients :

* 10-20 Minutes a day
* A loving heart
* A pound of patients
* A pinch of desire
* A dash of consistency

These are the key ingredients
it takes to teach your
dog ANYTHING you want.

This includes everything from
basic obedience, to correcting
specific behavioral issues. And
everything in between.

Here are the first instructions you must
follow in order to participate in this free
virtual TLC DOG TRAINING program that
guarantees desired results, including a
more rewarding and fulfilling relationship
with your dog :

#1) Goto and set up an account.
My DOC # is 727504 and I’m in Washington state.

#2) Simply send me an email (on Jpay)
detailing the issue you’d like to address.

Contacting me on is crucial because
it will demonstrate your ability to follow instruction
which is paramount when it comes to training dogs
through this medium.

I will guide you and work with you
until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Steven is a master dog trainer with over
20,085 hours in the field of dog training.

He works with all breeds of all ages
that span across the entire spectrum
of behavioral issues.

Steven is currently investing his time and skills
in training Service Dogs, although his first love
is in Behavior Adjustment Training and rehabilitating
shelter dogs so they can find a loving forever home,
and/or remain in their forever home.

If you want results, utilize this
opportunity. Success is guaranteed!

Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

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