The ways We DIE

The ways We DIE

Because I am Black

I am made to…


be beaten

be castrated

be maligned

be criminalized

be demonized

be obselete

be hopeless

be exterminated

be subjugated

be devalued

be demeaned

Because I am Black

I should …

know my place

feel inferior

die on my knees

fear for my life

be devoid of my human rights

accept White America’s indignities

bleed when forced

die on command


die again

die over again

die better

die this way

die that way

die when told

die just right

die wrong

die slow

die fast

die some more.

Because I am Black

I have no right …

to feel

to love

to live

to grow

to have a say

to dream

to hope

to participate

to expect anything

to procreate

to be Divine.

Because I am Black

I am nothing

I am Everything

I am what I am

I am what I am not

I am everywhere

I am nowhere

I am more than

I am less than

I am possible

I am impossible

I am necessary

I am unnecessary.

Because I am Black

I am Every man

Because I am Black

I am God!

Black because I am..

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