The way I look

The way I look

It’s amazing how OTHER ppl allow the way I look to get in their way! Especially when I don’t even think I look all that good…. I mean I’m not ugly or anything close to it but I never let the way I look define me so why should somebody else? I know I have a dazzling personality and a banging ass singing voice as well as a crazy amount of accomplishments but who’s getting a score? I just did it bcuz I wanted to do the time and not allow the time to do me! I’m blogging about this bcuz my looks always seem to get in my way or somehow make my partner feel less confident…

Trust me I am not all that and I never claimed to be. But if the way I look is not a big deal to me then why should it be for you or anyone else for that matter. Looks are just the outer shell.. I honestly think it should be more about how someone carries themselves and treats others. You could be so beautiful but the way you carry yourself could make you seem like trash and there’s nothing pretty about garbage! So to all yall good looking ppl that think their looks are gonna carry them through every situation; NEWS FLASH!!!! What else can you do bcuz that shit has faded so you should really choose a second career….

Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

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