Power of Friendship

The Power of Friendship

My blog will be a powerful take on friendship. A friend is dependable, caring, supportive, helpful, funny, cool, respectful, sometimes crazy, loyal, honest, protective, hard working, understanding, interesting, humble, and so much more, and I really mean so much more. But a friend will never abandon a friend… ever. The power of friendship is a bond that is not to be broken, and if it is broken, then there was never a valuable bond, and the friendship was not authentic at all.

People are manipulative, rude, selfish and inconsiderate of other peoples’ feelings. People use lies and false pretenses to get what they want out of vulnerable people who let their guards down in honor of friendship. Once the bond is broken, lies spread, feelings are hurt, and people become damaged and hurt people. This is becoming a pattern that is trending around the world. A friendship is not made in a day, but it is supposed to last a lifetime. Once we are friends, the next level is becoming family. It is a journey of getting to know each other, and an adventure full of learning and understanding one another. Whether male or female, the friendship connection opens doors to benefits and opportunities and prosperity! I hope you are ready and willing to go on the journey, because the journey will last forever.

To all the ladies, I am anxious to meet and greet, whenever you are ready. I sometimes fall in love quickly, and sometimes I fall hard and hit my head lol. Don’t mind me for being me. My job is to love from the head to the toes.

Stay strong, stay positive, stay safe and healthy. God Bless You All!

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