The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life… Perhaps this is a little heavy of a topic for my first blog… But what the hell, if one wants to swim, sometimes it’s best to just jump right in, right? All of us, I think, are looking for the meaning of, or maybe TO, our lives. We struggle with EVERYTHING. Love, money, weight, education, sex, family, career…God. Why are we here? For each of us the struggle and possible answer (or lack of answer) is different.
If we’re diligent in our search for truth, and if we’re honest with ourselves (and hopefully others) we learn little tidbits from our struggles. If we’re stubborn or lazy, we’re destined to repeat the struggles over and over. Perhaps you’ve heard the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We’re all here on this planet and we’re so quick to be divisive, so quick to say we’re right and others are wrong. When asked about his religion the Dalai Lama say, “My religion is kindness…” It is truly better to be kind than right.
Maybe that’s not the answer, but in my humble opinion it’s a long few steps down the right path. Kindness. Kindness alters our perception and redesigns our outlook. It’s contagious. It’s reciprocal, and usually comes back to us when we least expect it. No, it’s probably not the answer, but perhaps only the first stepping stone across the abyss of life. Kindness. Hmmm. Try it. Maybe next month I’ll try to figure out what the second stone is. Maybe…just MAYBE, we can both discover the meaning of life together. I hope to hear from you all. Peace.

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  1. Hey Kenneth
    Very interesting post here
    Im Joanne known as jj to my friends and family
    I love to write poetry and inspirational stories about life i live in the uk
    Would love to write to you if you if wish give me an email back

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