Take a chance

Take a chance

Take this chance… And risk your heart, in order to gain a love you’ve never known. Allow me the opportunity to express affection to you that has never been before shown. Will you take advantage of this chance to use me however you would ? And as long as you don’t misuse me, I’ll care for you exactly as a man should.

Have a conversation with me… And reveal to me what your mind often contemplates. All while exuding a woman’s passion and grace, as we continue to joyfully conversate. Speak to me in truth, quoting whatever you feel would be suitable that you must. While withholding nothing from me, showing that you feel safe and secure in us.

Risk your sanity and be broken… And show me that you feel I am worth the sacrifice. Stand by and support me, as I would you, no matter if I were wrong or right. Make vows of commitment however, not as my wife quite yet. Allow yourself to become completely vulnerable with me, conveying when you’re turned on, and your panties are wet.

Don’t make me wonder, if you would immerse yourself into the relationship we would come to work so hard to build. Tomorrow will be sufficient for the things of itself, concerning the joys and pains that it would come to ultimately yield. So only speak to me of the moment we’re currently in when attempting to answer these questions. Because the next one isn’t guaranteed to be ours, time has taught me that most valuable lesson.

So right here, right now, tell me… Will you take this chance with me?

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