Support & Injustice

Support & Injustice

Hailsa! Greetings to all. I hope all are well upon reading this blog. I am a heathen… a firm, true believer in Odinism of the Nordic Gods and Goddesses of Aesir and Vanir. I am unjustly being held in solitary and being placed in SHU (security housing unit) for standing up for my 1st and 14th amendments as an Odinist inside here.

For me filing Grievances, I’ve been targeted as a security threat group for demanding that ODRC religious services find a Gothi (Male Odinist Priest) or a Gothias (female) that can come in. TO.C.I refuses to allow us groups and even had the Chaplain charge my faith as retaliation as all know I’m a heathen follower!

So I reach out to all heathen’s or even pagan’s to call on ODRC of this injustice and feel free to write to me! If ya JPay me add a reply stamp or mail address as all JPay’s are printed on paper in restrictive housing.

I hope to hear and receive some support from like minded heathens and those in the movement.

Hail the Aesir
Hail the Vanir
Hail the folk

Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

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