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Strive For A Better You In 2022

The motto that we all need to adopt for this new year is: “Strive For A Better You In 2022!”

Cuz peep game, 2021 gave us that clearer vision to see a brighter future for ourselves. Cuz if not for nothing 2021 taught us a great deal. The most important of which being: Life is too precious and too short and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Now moving forward 2022 should be the year that you should take your life more seriously. Cuz you never know what tomorrow may bring.

If you take a look at your life and current situation and you’re unhappy & dissatisfied with how things are, then you owe it to yourself to make today a present for tomorrow from yesterday and start to do better. Now I say that to say, you should look within yourself and get encouraged. Take a look around you and get motivated, take a look at all the good that’s going on around you and around the world and get inspired.

Let’s lose that false sense of entitlement that most people have a tendency to adopt, cuz nobody owes you anything! If you want what’s best for you and the best that life has to offer, you owe it to yourself to put the necessary work in that’s necessary in order for you to earn that!

First you should start by taking that one thing that you know will truly make a difference in your life that you’ve been procrastinating on. Put that at the top of your priority list this year and get to it. Get Up! Get Out! and Make Something Shake! Put That Machine In Motion! Don’t focus or dwell on the negative shit. Stop making excuses and make something happen! Pursue your ambitions diligently, cuz opportunities aren’t given, they’re taken. They’re taken like interceptions. Keep pushing, cuz it won’t be easy. Never give up! And stay true as you strive for a better you in 2022. 100… The Illest out.

Mr.Flatbush P.U.S.H HIMSELF

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

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