Staying Positive

Staying Positive

Staying Positive – Life comes with many ups and many downs, in various forms. Life also prepares and equips us with the necessary tools to properly and appropriately deal with the negatives, while also embracing and fully appreciating the positives. Some of us have been let down so much that it becomes normal to have a pessimistic mindset.

In prison you see this daily, and that becomes normal. At one point that was me. As I grew in my understanding, life began to unfold and reveal to me that indeed it is much more fruitful and beneficial to embrace positivity, even when you experience (directly or indirectly) or are surrounded by so much negativity. It is proven that negative energy/vibes affects the mind/body equilibrium.

Negative energy literally drains one of the vital life forces. This energy is needed to sustain and maintain, there’s so much more to life. Harboring negative thoughts and the pains associated with them takes focus away from the positives that happen if only we are tuned in to acknowledge them. Always be mindful that thoughts are things, think good thoughts, seek out the good, the rewards are yours to gain.

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