Glen Joy

Glen Joy # 344835

“Here I Am” Maybe you’re on this website reading this because you’re tired of countless let down’s that you always find in men, or maybe you’re tired  of every friendship having a physical foundation. Maybe you want something where who you are at the end of the day is good

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Corey Mann

Corey Mann # 891805

Hello! My name is Corey Mann. Nice to meet you! Attention Attention !!!it’s time for my confessionat times, I feel so lost I’m stressingI’m trying to find a friend with a strong connectionu could be my Angel, I can be your blessingI’ll always be real with u and nothing less

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Ivory Berube

Ivory Berube # 740925

Maturity is the ability to choose personal growth and fulfillment in chaotic situations while others choose madness. I’ve been incarcerated for 16 years, but due to get released in 2025. I thought I would write this ad to people who would like learn about my story, ambitions, the program I’m

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