Glen Joy 2023 1 ~ Prison Friendship ~ Glen Joy # 344835

Glen Joy # 344835

Happy Holidays To All… Hi, I’m Glen, I’m looking to meet and make new friendships with people of all walks of life. I’m getting out in the next couple years so I figured now would be a good time to reach out and start building some new and solid friendships. …

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Corey Mann

Corey Mann # 891805

Hello! My name is Corey Mann. Nice to meet you! Attention Attention !!!it’s time for my confessionat times, I feel so lost I’m stressingI’m trying to find a friend with a strong connectionu could be my Angel, I can be your blessingI’ll always be real with u and nothing less …

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Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper # 300463

My name is Jason Cooper DOC# 300463. I joined this site to meet new friends. I’m nonjudgmental and open-minded. I like trying new things, going new places and meeting new people. I’m loyal, compassionate, honest, and understanding. I have done a lot of work to improve my. communication skills, as …

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Yusuf Shire

Yusuf Shire # 378274

I’m looking for a friend to talk to laugh with and listen to. A friend who is outgoing and adventurous, who is not going to judge me due to my circumstances. Hope to hear from you soon.

Domingo Montar

Domingo Montar # 95736147

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to view my profile. I’m Domingo, an indigenous person from Mexico, but raised in Southern California. I enjoy exercising everyday, travelling, pursuing a higher education and spending quality time with family. My sense of humor is up there; I like making others laugh and …

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Drew Trotman

Drew Trotman # 0759287

GOOD FRIENDS ARE HARD TO FIND Nondiscriminatory…whether you’re black, white, or brown complected. We often seek lovers to connect at a soul level, but good friends can actually be soul mates, too. How can you tell a friend is a soul mate?? Because they don’t just simply tolerate your imperfections, …

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