Sprechen Sie Deutsch

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
One of the main reasons I wanted to sign up for this site is to find someone to correspond with that speaks German fluently enough to possibly help me learn the language. I’m looking forward to the potential of overseas contact. I feel that will increase the likelihood of finding a German speaker.

Learning a new language is difficult as it is, especially with no one to converse with that is familiar with that language. They say if you don’t use it, you lose it, so I would like to stay actively speaking it once I learn it.

I have about a half a dozen books I study from on my own and have done that off and on for a few years, but not enough to engage in proper dialogue with anyone else, let alone a native speaker. I’m not just interested in learning the slang and “dirty words”. I want to be able to have a professional and formal conversation, as well as the informal, friendly conversation.

I understand people are busy in the comings & goings of their daily life, so to have someone take the time out of their schedules and assist me in this undertaking would be extremely appreciated and mean more than they would know. 

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