Second Chance

“Second Chance”

I could speak on the injustice and of my incarceration, but I won’t speak on these cliches of prisoners. However, I want to speak to you on “Second Chance”.

America’s moto: “Second Chance”, is there a more wonderful feeling than that of being given a “Second Chance”? Whether it’s a child being forgiven a temper tantrum or an adult graciously being allowed to remove a foot from their mouth. A “Second Chance” can make all the difference to a life. Funny that the word “Chance” is so similar to the word “Change”. One generally leads to another and the “Change” involved makes the “Second Chance” very worthwhile.

We the incarcerated of all shades are your brother, father, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. We have made our error and therefore paid our atonement. We only ask for forgiveness and to be given that “Second Chance” which America so proudly holds dear. For we are you, a human who only yearns for forgiveness, acceptance and love.

I leave you with this. Our conduct, our behavior, our relationships should not be dictated by the behavior of the people around us BUT by the divine love and generosity that is within us and sustains us. James Munson

Photo by Rehan Syed on Unsplash

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