S.O.S - Medical Malpractice

S.O.S – Medical Malpractice

S.O.S – Medical Malpractice/ Negligence Lawsuit. On 12-2-2021 @ 3:30a.m i I was forced to work in the kitchen and I was not properly screened to even work in the kitchen by medical and if I didn’t work in he kitchen I was going to receive an infraction and be placed in a segregation unit. The entire kitchen workers was tested positive for covid- 19 and place on code yellow, while working in the kitchen after kitchen workers was tested positive for covid 19 I injury my forearm in the kitchen and i was denied adequate medical care after serious injury in the kitchen no one took me to medical or the hospital after my serious injury after they seen tremendous swelling and deformity on my forearm and prisión kitchen workers was tested positive for covid 19 in the kitchen unauthorized medical hazard area, and the supervisors etc forced me and several other prisoners to work in the kichen where i was not employed at, known they have covid 19. i had to wait several hours to get to medical to get adequate medical care that prison official delayed and hinder me adequate medical care that violates my 8th amendment rights to medical care that they acted in deliberately indifference towards my serious medical need and when i did get to medical at @7:00p.m my blood pressure was 178/115 and again 168/100 I was in excruciating pain and they only gave me 2 motrin I could have had a stoke or heart attack and die and medical staff, and prison official didn’t even care about my health, and they sent me back to general population with my hand injured and overall deformed with no ice for swelling and deformity and no ace wrap. And I’m at a maximum security level 5 prison and my security level points is 7 points a security level one,but I been pending transfer for a security level 4 since 9-27-21 and I’m on a high maximum security level 5 with 7 points and on 12-16-2021 I was placed in segregation unit for me exercise my constitutional rights through the grievances procedure and two officers destroyed my property out of retaliation. and the same officer that destroyed my property, violated my constitutional rights and nurses that denied me medical care are still employed at the prison where I’m at. On 12-3-2021@2:18p.m and on 12-4-2021@3:20p.m floor officer and nurse seen the serious injury and refused to sign emergency grievances and turn it in to medical department they left me in the cell with a serious injury I had to wait all the way to the even shift come on at 6:00p.m to get medical assistance this is cruel and unusual punishment. I also have fluid in my knees that been in my knees for four months and doctor just ordered for me to go to a outside orthopedic on 12-15-21@2:06p.m and still as of today 1-5-2022 haven’t been sent out to the outside orthopedic that they intentionally delayed and hinder me adequate medical care. I have filed grievances etc.. and still haven’t received the proper medical treatment that I deserved. I’m seeking help from the outside world to help me find a Lawyer to file medical malpractice/negligence Lawsuit under state tort and or 42 USC 1983 civil rights Lawsuit.
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Sincerely, Tarik Hudgins

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