Right Vibes

Right Vibes

I’m honestly just looking to feel the right vibes now and days. Im currently doing time at Clallam Bay Corr. Center. In Washington State. I’m 28 and about to be 29 in January. I love to meet new people.
I’m into Latinas, white girls, Asian-Americans, and light skin mami’s. (Overseas, and Foreign Penpals pique my interest). lol.

I’m always gonna carry myself as a gangster cus that’s just me. But there comes a time when you need to evaluate the fake and march solo dolo. I’m a Capricorn and looking to find someone where the stars align. I’m not the jealous type so if u have a man, if he ain’t trippin neither am I, its 2021. Can’t we just share, and be open minded. lmao.
Nah but really I’m not on no b.s. so the girl that hits me up shouldn’t be either. I have been in jail/Prison for about 6 years now. And I’m currently still Appealing. I see myself doing another few years off this dedicated
Ambition to make my own story. I need one that can hold me down in the meantime. and be real like I said.

As a man I’ll make sure you are always appreciated for the things u do for me. If your down to earth and can see real beauty for the words and knowledge I speak and find this gangster interesting and want too
fill my dreams with your presence then baby doll please send the email @jpay.com., DOC#406372., Alberto Sarmiento. I’m not interested what’s fast and easy. I’m interested in making a real connection. I don’t mind if you are younger but I expect maturity and the rest through some patience we can work on. Send a pic and or a videogram introducing yourself. Expect to meet a real one and expect no less, but also expect to be treated rite and respected. If anyone here knows me from thepast or wants to also reconnect then by all means tapp in. (18 and older only).

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