If there is one thing I could leave behind, one thing I can teach my kids, it would be to keep faith and stand strong in their morality. To make my thoughts clear to you allow me to share a brief moment with you and hopefully we can reach a plan of understanding together.

First when I say keep faith I must admit that in order to do this there must be some form of understanding that there is something greater than ourselves.

In keeping faith I’m not saying you will be filthy rich or super successful, but you will obtain what was promised to you before you even realize you wanted it.

Every man and woman on this planet has no idea what his or her potential really is because our understanding of success, or achievements are limited to the limits of man.

Not saying that man does not have a grasp of these things, I’m just saying that there is more.

We all desire riches beyond imagination, and a home that is considered luxurious, but next to what Jah, God, or Allah has in his plan for you it is absolutely nothing.

If we all stand strong in our faith and hold on to morality there is only one result: the best of everything. It will never be easy because truth be told there are forces at work beyond our comprehension, but through hard work and perseverance we shall all inter the kingdom of heaven.

A place where there will be, no war, no famine, or hatred for anyone and only then will we see true happiness in its rarest form.

Garrett Taylor

Photo by Karl Hedin on Unsplash

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