Real Woman

In Search of a Real Woman

As I reflect through the thoughts and ideas in search of a real woman… She has a beautiful smile & personality to go with it. You can’t impress her with your wallet or the size of your dick. Nor even the car you are currently pushin’. She is independent, sophisticated and knows the value she possesses. There is a sense of innocence and an essence of spice. She refuses to be captured and loves to run wild. A stallion who demands dignity and helluva respect. She desires to be challenged and dominated just the same. Never step out of love and call her out her name. Seeking to be found. Like a hidden treasure, I often see her inside my dreams. The perfect woman. Does she really exist or is she just another figment of my imagination? She has to be real, not to be confused as a little girl. One who knows what she wants and doesn’t stop fighting until she earns it. She enjoys the chase of intellectual conversation. She is not just a trophy to drape around your arm only to be amazed or lusted after by your friends. She craves attention, as she commands it once she steps into any room. In search of a real one. As I sit isolated from the world’s view, she is definitely real and I am still in search of her. To all the real women out there, I declare love & a kiss. Goodnight and farewell from an incarcerated prince!

Photo by Amelia Bartlett on Unsplash

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