Prison Life & Other Realities

Prison Life & Other Realities… An Inside Approach. Today I was given an opportunity to do something I like… to speak my mind. Only difference was I was asked to do so openly. See, I’m incarcerated and whether or not I’m guilty or innocent, society has basically cut me off as a former member. This unfortunate realization for most people can be unbearable mentally and health wise for some, especially when having to go through it alone.
Being locked up I’m considered a criminal as if it’s a diseased part of my DNA. Believe it or not there’s no set criteria for a person to commit a crime; therefore, anyone can be a criminal if you are placed in a situation. Look at our history. Our forefathers demonstrated strong armed robbery, the art of stealing, aggravated murder, kidnapping, etc… Then they wrote laws to persecute anyone else besides themselves who committed these now deemed senseless acts against humanity. They even evolved the notion that the only way a people of color would be part of their society was if he built it for’em & then released us off the plantation, only to relocate us to warehouses throughout the “free world”. I HATE hate! I HATE racism & discrimination!
Its operations are liken to that of a concentration seminar where the mental is broken down in parts for study. We’re psychologically profiled and usually released based upon our greater likely hood of returning sooner than later. That way they lose very little money on our release , yet maximize their return on our return. Like the Stockholm Effect, we lose our identity in identifying with our captors and say shit like, “at least we get 3 meals a day”.
Prison was never meant to rehabilitate a person of color only restrict them as much as possible. So don’t think it’s strange how most return within a year or less upon their release. Although the initial intention has become blurred because like a common cold that’s mutated, the germ could no longer be contained & went air born affecting their own. Prison was simply another form of control for an upcoming mixed population. Just so happened the idea was so diabolical that it soon became a business bigger than cigarettes & alcohol towards the less fortunate. For those already in control and with the additional lacing of Jim Crow tactics, it’s safe to say that your local correctional facilities have now become human farming sites. No member of the parole authority has sat down with me face to face during my 18 year stretch to get a genuine feel for who I am. Through life and times of countless souls before me, I’ve already accepted to be denied. I still find the strength to wake up and get outta bed everyday just to be talked to so disrespectfully by generational employees who couldn’t even look me in my eyes on a level playing field. The majority of the staff in prison are related somehow either biologically or through marriage, so there’s already an internal bias there. When one of us are abused or even killed in the hole (seg) it can easily be concealed or covered up. This is prison 101. It happens!
The administration bases my freedom off some dusty folder which no one has remotely looked at since my sentencing. Not my progress and transition from who I once was to who I am now. If I do like they ask me to they’ll insinuate that I’m penitentiary slick. If I do nothing they’ll say that I haven’t changed. What do you do? They say that you no longer fit into society. The programs are geared to those who have 5 years or less to the street or board. That is the con in giving the impression of reconditioning to the free world and that education is available. Just think if I was able to get a “REAL” degree in criminal justice after seeing the truth of the system? Or be able to vote after knowing how the judicial system works and the rules that they break? Imagine retaining this type of knowledge and building it for many years and then get out. Nah, that’s too much time focussing and marinating on something positive. Too Powerful! I would be considered more a threat than an asset and that is doing something positive.
I often wondered why wouldn’t they address the needs of us with more time? It makes sense that the longer time you have to work and study something, the more adept you will become at living it. Let’s be real, this prison stuff is a business. They must keep these beds filled despite popular opinion.
I’m sorry shawty. I know I’m trippin’. I’m just slowly dying in an inhumane way. Think about this: This society won’t pay school teachers, but children need to learn. Construction workers are out of work, but schools and hospitals need to be built. However, they will pay millions to these prison staff, some of who can’t even read or write. I could go on & on concerning this cruel injustice system, but I really just wanted to give you a different point of view from the inside out. Please don’t get the wrong idea and perceive my thoughts to be one sided or bias, because I’m definitely not that. I’m just conscious of our forefather’s ideology that still lives on today in a lot of ways. Me, being an African American, it’s hard out here. With the voice of America beating to heartbeat of Trump, all I ask is that please judge me after you have an intimate understanding of who I am. I speak for myself. My life is not made up of “alternative facts”. And if it was, my individuality would be forever lost. I appreciate you taking the time to read this transmission. We are not all lost souls in here. Just a few spirits in remission. Please check me out on Facebook @ Renardo Minor, Piece’s of Peace, “Just My Thoughts”…

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  1. You are such an inspirational person! Very intelligent and I’d love to converse with you. Very articulate and well groomed. Be blessed

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