PosedRose® Introduction

PosedRose® Introduction:

What and Who is PosedRose®
PosedRose® Mission Statement

PosedRose® is carefully crafted using 100% paper and studio quality art supplies. Hours of patient craftsmanship go into every PosedRose®. Brilliant colorfast paint schemes, top quality paper selections and skilled assembly will continue to remind your recipient how much you care with your personal message written by us in one of our custom cards. PosedRose® makes an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Showers, and Bridal Gifts along with any other special occasion. PosedRose® sales are available online via our Etsy® store.

PosedRose® is a mother and son operation, while incarcerated Gary was in search of a way to keep in contact with his mother Karen, giving them both something tangible to share. Artwork and craftsmanship is one of the ways that I (Gary) use to promote a healthy environment and positive mental health while serving time. By creating PosedRose® I now have a platform to engage in philanthropic endeavors. PosedRose® provides me with an opportunity to give back to the communities I was once a contributor. I now have purposeful meaning. None of this would be possible without the support and encouragement from my mother and family.

I have worked hard to create a paradigm shift among public opinion concerning felons and their ability to gain redemption; furthermore, through a restorative process, felons can retain ownership of the highest ethics in business and personal support. My willingness to keep the vision, persevere under adversarial conditions and lead by example among my peers has awarded me opportunities that I never thought possible.

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