Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Many things can be annoying to certain people. It is through these simple annoyances that we develop pet peeves. Pet peeves are simply just unjustifiable dissatisfactions that get on our nerves. 
There are many different variations of pet peeves that individuals have. Personally, quite a few things get on my nerves. Most of the time they are minuscule, but I still have them. 

One of my pet peeves are people who either chew with their mouth open or talk while they have food in their mouth. Just hearing the sounds makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Another one of my pet peeves is when people don’t know basic grammar or punctuation. For example, when someone doesn’t use ”there,” ”their,” or ”they’re” correctly. Other pet peeves include when someone tells me they are going to do something and they don’t do it, bad personal hygiene, or simply when someone lies to me. There are many more, but I will save them for another time.

While many pet peeves are very annoying and inconvenient at times, they can be ignored or they can be openly addressed. Confronting someone about something they are doing that annoys you can be scary, but at times it is necessary. Not talking to someone about something can build up anger or frustration that is not healthy. In some situations it is inappropriate to tell someone that you are annoyed by what they are doing. However, I have found that communicating your feelings towards someone about something as simple as a pet peeve opens lines of communication that may have been closed before.[6:18 PM]Cory Campbell

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