Hello! My name is Jim Fussell. Nice to meet you!

Please accept my gratitude for you taking the time to read this. I am Jim Fussell, a self taught artist. I have been involved in over nine thousand different charitable causes the past thirty of the past 42 years of my incarceration. Reaching out to help those in need is a very therapeutic step, especially for someone who caused so much damage before entering prison. It helps to being about change, empathy, self reflection and to feel others pain, despair, helplessness.

My actions can be viewed on Facebook, look for DOMINO DEEDS. It speaks volumes.

Seeing the monster I once was, and seeing the person in the mirror today, the contrast is monumental. Recognizing what led to becoming the monster, identifying those flaws and focusing on never allowing one’s self to repeat those behaviors, that is the key to overcoming and growing, becoming human again. To grasp the magnitude of the devastation/pain I caused so many, the community, countless others, it took a couple decades to understand and even with that understanding, there are questions. Many deny guilt of their crimes, I am responsible for my actions. I do not ask for forgiveness, some acts are unforgivable and if you can’t forget, forgiving is pointless.

I have fixed my flaws, I strive to be a decent human being. I value input from others and care about people. I love meeting people and listening to their obstacles in life. I try to lift others up when often in their lives people are tearing them apart.

If you are willing to reach out and meet me, maybe we can build a friendship and along the way, be helpful to one another and see where things go from there. I promise to be open, honest, sincere and you will find that I actually genuinely care.

If you are having a crappy day and have tried everything else, I welcome you to reach out and send me a JPAY email message. I respond daily to any/all messages, providing the kiosk works.

I come in peace,

Jim Fussell

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: 
Home Town: Woodsfield, Ohio
Race: Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Marital Status: Single
Birth Date: 02-07-1957
Incarcerated Since: 1978
Crime: 2 counts agg. murder
Earliest Release Date: Next parole hearing 2023
Latest Release Date: Life
Education: High school graduate, Hands on education in pipeline industry. First hand education in human nature, conflict resolutions. CO existing in extreme conditions.
Career Interest: Secure solid employment wheter it is flipping burgers, scrubbing toilets or managing a business.
Planned Release Location: Open ended, no commitments/obligations thus far. No family or ex’s kids. Anyplace is a potential possibility, depending on parole/restrictions, No bounderies, relocating- starting over fresh, is very appealing to me. Definitely do not plan to return to county where my crimes where committed.

James Fussell
20191229_122920 Fussell
James Fussell Domino Deeds
20191229_122717 Fusell

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