Hello! My name is Shawn Hawkins. Nice to meet you!

Hello, My name is Shawn and I want to first Thank you for taking a minute to read about me. I can only imagine how many Ads/Profiles there are out there to weed through and consider. I'm not exactly sure what it takes to successful attract a Pen-Pal friend these days, or if there is some kind of special formula? So I will simply rely on just being myself. My reason(s) for placing this AD is because I would like to meet new and interesting people (even if you don't think of yourself as being interesting). It is said that "everyone has a story to tell," and if this is true, in which I believe it is. I would like to not only hear yours (for good or bad), but also share mine. This will serve as common ground. As for some of my interest, I am into all kinds of music, sports, exercising, reading, and meeting new people when possible. Most of all, I love Art! I am a self-taught artist from Cincinnati, OH. I have been painting since 2008 and I work in both acrylics & oil. My passion for painting (and life) grows by the day. One of the reasons I am now putting myself out there, at the risk of rejection, is so that I can share my Art with others. I have come to learn in my journey as an Artist, is that art (painting for me) has it's own language, and I love having the ability to express myself creatively as well as being able to affect peoples lives in a positive way. It is been my richest reward yet. If you are someone who can appreciate this and/or enjoy some of my work, then please contact me. I will certainly look forward to hearing from you soon. Shawn. MY ART IS FOR SALE!!!!!! CONTACT ME AT: SHAWN HAWKINS #A218-401, MARION CORRECTIONAL INST.(M.C.I), P.O. BOX 57, MARION, OH 43301 OR JPAY.COM


Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Home Town: Cincinnati, OH
Race: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Marital Status: Single
Religion: n/a
Birth Date: 9/12/1968
Incarcerated Since:1/1/1988
Crime: Murder
Earliest Release Date: Working on it!
Latest Release Date: Life
Education: College
Career Interest: Artist & Entrepreneur
Planned Release Location: n/a

Shawn flower

I saw this beautiful flower today, and wanted to share it with those who can appreciate beauty no matter where it's manifested. Be blessed, be safe, be beautiful.

Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. ~George Bernard Shaw

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Shawn Hawkins #218-401
Marion Correctional
Marion, OH 43301

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