Hello! My name is Rha'shann Richardson. Nice to meet you!

What up ! My name is Rha'shann Lamar and I'm 39 years old , from Columbus, Ohio. Very spirited and wilful, proud and self - important at times. Also quite honest and the respect of others is important to me. I like to think I pursue my goals with persistence and dedication. Currently enrolled in MTC , pursuing an associates in business management. But would someday like to work with high risk youth and violence prevention . At times I'm known to wear my heart on my sleeve BC I'm extremely loyal. Friendships and relationships are important to me because you learn about yourself and grow through observing yourself interacting with others. Generally good at balancing opinions and judging issues , but I do tend to be indecisive when making up my own mind. Mostly because of pros and con's , and considering all sides to a question. Well in closing with me being usually reserved I don't know what to look for or what to expect , but if the brief description above caught your attention , reach out and I'll be more than glad to discuss more. Bless Up !

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Home Town: Columbus, Ohio
Race: African American
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Marital Status: Single
Religion: N/A
Birth Date: 07/23/1981
Incarcerated Since: June 2004
Crime: Murder
Earliest Release Date: 2/01/2026
Latest Release Date: 2/01/2026
Education: Currently in College
Career Interest: Violence Prevention/Youth Mentoring
Willing to write overseas: yes

Rha'shann Richardson

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