Pain 2 Passion

Pain 2 Passion

I’ve been betrayed & lied to by someone who I thought really loved me. Going through rough times in prison opened my eyes a whole lot and showed me who really cared.

I was a young black male lost in the streets of Chicago. When it comes to females I always know how to treat & appreciate them whole heartily, but it always seemed like being loyal, honest, respectful & a person who knows how to please wasn’t enough. Why? Because the woman who said she will never leave… left. The woman who said she wouldn’t cheat… cheated. The woman who said she wouldn’t lie told lies. The woman who said she’ll hold me down, really held me up. At this point I’m not mad because through all this I’ve become a better person.

Coming from one of the roughest areas in Chicago, I was forced to a lifestyle that the Government never agreed with. Being without my father I felt abandoned and didn’t know where or who to turn to. Getting money, riding fancy cars got me the attention I was missing, but I still felt lonely. So I started doing things just to fill that void, because I didn’t know when I was gonna see my father.

Me being the man I am today, I will not let the mistakes or the way people mistreated me in the past define me. Sometimes God gives the toughest battles to his strongest Soldiers, so now all my pain is turned to 2 passions. Hopefully I will get paid off soon telling my story’s in my music. Always remember to love yourself. Don’t change for no one unless it’s for the better & good.

Sheprio Jr.

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

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