North Star guidance

North Star guidance

The Great is persistent until he reaches his goal, he preservers until the point of exhaustion. The grass he has to eat are the goals he has set & reached. Grass is not the ambition, yet hunger is still present. Work hard at all you do & you will over accomplish all you have set in mind.

Always have that North Star guidance that will guide you to the place you’re reaching. The North Star, she is your guidance. Don’t stop until you manifest her into your reality. Work while they sleep, after so long working to obtain a goal. I’m finally being remanded back to court. If I can do this then there is nothing stopping you from going further.

I’m a very ambitious person & looking to meet a beautiful person who can understand me and willing to talk & visit and potentially more than a friendship. But I believe a good relationship starts with a friendship and I’m willing to be patient in getting to know you for the person who is inside you. True beauty lies inside the heart. I’m not the type of man to place judgment on where you have been, all I want is to create memories and make you never second guess our friendship. I’m in it for the long way. Hbu?

Write me at (Alberto Sarmiento DOC# 406372)

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