No-limit has been my nickname for several years. I have chosen to implement that name for my soon to be successful business.
No-limit is an “acronym”. It stands for “Now own life in meaning internal transformation”. I have created this idea and mission to form a nonprofit organization. Creating programs for ex incarcerated individuals who want to make a difference in their life and set examples for their kids and community.

I plan to enforce and promote positive change by providing a trusted community environment for people who are statistically disadvantaged. We are trying to create opportunities, to show guidance, to give communities a support system.
We’re trying to show people how to become great and follow their dreams. How to live and think for longevity and not for gratification. I want to create jobs and programs for the community. I want to teach self-awareness. I also want to encourage entrepreneurship among young people and teach them the “American Dream” is possible without having to break the law.

We want to reduce the “recidivism rate”. I hope to make this organization well known and possibly franchise it to make change across the world.
I’m looking for a team to help support this cause; those who want to help influence others. I’m hoping to make this dream come true and make a difference in this world.

I have a passion to help and a big heart to share with others. There are so many people in this world who want to change and don’t have that positive influence or nobody willing to give these people a chance. I want to change this and give people a fighting chance to be great. I want to expand and provide several resources. It starts with me and others to make a difference and it starts today!

Trent Warren

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  1. I respect your position as I have that same vision for the town I live in where the need is drastic. I applaud you. I would be honored to learn from you and your team.

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