new time of dating

New time of dating

Hi! I’m Patrick .R. Johnson #A391134, And I want to know. In this new time of dating, how much do you talk to each other? See being in here I can ask you questions that make you think. And we can get to know each other. True there’s one drawback. But once you start to talk and get to know each other sometimes it’s better then Sex. I said sometimes.. But if you take sex off the table and just be with them. How long do you think they will stay with you. Would you think it’s you or could it be that they have nothing to say??? How about you do this. Come to me Jpay and let’s talk and, Trust me you will get way more out of it then less then 10mins of Mr. Quick. See I’m not hatein on Dudes out there. I’m just trying to bring Light to You Beautiful Women that this man right here can bring Joy into your world. So when you get to Jpay make sure you pick up some stamps and let me know what you want to know or talk about. I’m a open book… Have a nice Day.

By: Patrick Rawshan Johnson

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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