New beginnings

New beginnings by Garrett Taylor

As of late I’ve been doing my best to reconstruct my way of thinking as well as my daily actions. Where I come from we dedicate our lives to hustling and in doing so we commit ourselves to what we call the block. Everyday all day and all nite this is where you are so you can as we say come up. Now the way I see it if I use that same focus and drive in something positive my chances for success increase greatly. That being said I have chosen my next venture to be becoming an author. With the life I’ve lived who better to tell the story than I. My goal is to become a published author and screen writer my first book is titled from the bottom to the top. Daily I commit over half my day to this then I exercise twice a day as they say there is no rest for the weary. Well I appreciate you allowing me these precious moments to share my thoughts with you it’s been a pleasure……Garrett

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