My Positive Thinking Secret

My Positive Thinking Secret

My Positive Thinking Secret – One thing for sure, where i am there are any number of thousand of issues to focus on to complain about. Hell just stepping out of your cell door first thing in the morning and you’ll probably hear half a dozen straight out the gate. And if you are not careful you’ll get sucked right into the negativity first thing in the morning, setting the pace for your day. Most conversations in here begin with a complaint about someone or something that is not going someone’s way. It can be hard to not engage because the complaint can be very valid. But also something we can do nothing about to change. So why do they insist on complaining about it? How much of our energy is spent wasted each day like this?
And it works against the energy of positivity. Not only is it a waste of energy it creates the opposite energy you desire to work for you and draws negativity toward you. The desired effect you are seeking is cancelled out by the complaint. Most complainers are drawn to each other, like attracts like and they love wallowing in their misery and want everyone else in the mud with them. They can’t stand people who can see the positive or can look on the bright side or simply say I can do nothing about that, it’s out of my control.
I said in my last blog: My circumstances are not going to dictate what my heart tells me about myself or my situation. As well, they are not going to dictate my feelings or emotions. But that doesn’t mean I’m in denial of my situation. I’m in prison, and I wish I were not! I do not like it here. I would love to be out in the “FREE WORLD”, working toward my dream of happiness, contributing to the betterment of my community and loved ones, my lady by my side, fulfilling all her dreams and mine…. but that’s not the case right now. I picture myself doing just those things though everyday!
Someone said, ” when we change the way we look at things, the things we will look at will change”. Choose to see things from a different angle. Don’t see a door that is locked, see a door that can be unlocked. See opportunity, not discouragement. See yourself going through that door. The idea is to guard yourself from seeing the negative opposite outcome to what you desire and no matter what, don’t let go of that vision. Live today like you know at any moment your desire is going to manifest. The universe is working to bring it your way. It is on the way. The package is in the mail. Things are going to work out because that is what THE UNIVERSE ITSELF WANTS FOR YOU if that is what you want for yourself! Dont tell yourself things like, my life sucks, nothing ever changes, the world is evil and dark. Do those things happen and exist? Yes! But so do the opposite of them.
You’ve heard what you sow you reap?? Very true. What you put out there will come back to you. Your very thoughts give off an energy frequency. We all vibrate to an energy level and are stimulated by various other vibrations. Have you ever gotten near someone and say ‘I didn’t like their energy?
Take control of your energy. Don’t let it get hijacked. Keep your thoughts and words and meditations of your heart focused and precise, and watch how your life begins to change and become enveloped in positivity. You decide how you are going to feel from moment to moment, interaction to interaction. It’s all a matter of CHOICE. Choose Positive! Peace and Positivity to you all.

BLOG by William Vandersommen 2022

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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