My Appreciation for Life

My Appreciation for Life

It’s amazing that after 24 years of being isolated from all your love, I can still find reasons to genuinely smile. As I sit in a medium security prison after spending 19 plus years in maximum security, something so simple as having a window to look out of is such an amazing feeling to me.

I’ve experienced anger, rage, sadness, and loneliness, but bitterness has never touched my heart. I have dared to dream, to endure the hardships of my environment, and have came to truly appreciate life.

Listening to my slow jams on my tablet as I embrace the cool breeze coming from my window allows me to imagine better days to come. I don’t waste time with delusions of grandeur. I just want to enjoy the simple things in life. I still have a long time ahead of me, but I’ve made it this far so why not continue to dream.

I don’t know what the future holds, so I’ll just appreciate the now. Be thankful for everyday, appreciate all the people you love and who love you, and always embrace the possibilities of now.

Keep dreaming, keep believing, and keep God first.

All the Best,

Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

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  1. I’ve been going through a rough patch in my life as everything seems like it’s changing. I’m 21 and going to college and life is good (i really am blessed to be where I am), however it’s so simple when you have a good life to have one minor inconvenience set you back, or ruin your day. After reading this simple, yet so powerful message, I can’t help but think that that ‘one small thing’ could have any signifcant to me in the future. Really helped me through this rough patch and I don’t know if this will ever get to the author, but thank you. You’ve helped one person through a very troubling time.

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