Moments of Pleasure, Years of Pain

Moments of Pleasure, Years of Pain

Tbh, I’m not really sure how these things are supposed to go but I’m just going to use it to give a little more on me and what I’m about. In getting to know me, you’ll come to see that “keeping it real” is just my nature. I stay true to myself in the same manner, which keeps the insight about me simple: I was like a lot of others, thought I had it all figured out, and was lost in a lifestyle/mindset where I was steadily making my poorest decisions. 12yrs is what it’s costing me, yet I’ve found clarity through the experience because bringing me face to face with the man in the mirror and seeing/feeling firsthand everything

I’ve taken for granted in all that I love/loved, hurt, and lost has been my greatest reality check. The pain of these realities is truly what’s helped me grow though, and that’s actually my point of emphasis here. You see, I’m not trying to front like I’ve got it all figured out now, because I don’t, and I’m fully aware of that. Pain being a necessity in my growth is what I’m trying to shed light on because I know it’s an inevitability that we all come to face in our own way.

By embracing my pain, it’s allowed me to accept, to take accountability, and gave me a genuine sense of appreciation. It’s allowed me to take pride in the ability to identify my shortcomings and respect the knowledge of perspective gained from them. Now obviously I’ve made mistakes (as we all do), but I’m a good man, with a good heart, and I’m driven with my focus set looking forward. “Moments of Pleasure, Years of Pain”. That’s where I take comfort now, and I can promise you, I waste none :). If you want to dig a little deeper or just get to know the more of me you now see there is, message me. If not, enjoy the perspective.

Photo by Sergey Vinogradov on Unsplash

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