Mile Marker 20

“Mile Marker 20”

I wish that I didn’t seem like a stranger on the side of the road. Holding up a sign saying “will listen for attention”, but the former can only coincide with the latter. Each step I take are only microseconds under the wheels of your speed, and yet I pick up my foot and thoughtfully place it in this high grass.

I wish that I didn’t have to explain what everyone but me seems to know about me, but won’t say. The elephant in the room or the ghost of any day years ago. I can’t explain to myself all of who I am, so perhaps my best offer is still a paradox. I wish I was an alien by some greater definition, explaining my search for extraterrestrial conversation. Of all the star dust that we are, mind traveling the possibilities of human nature began in outer space. I could jump off the moon if there were enough gravity to pull me down to earth.

I wish that it was easier to talk to girls about wanting mature reflections of conduct after playing the oldest trick in the book for a score. I can’t make that any funnier than sad, regardless of the hand dealt or dealing. Nobody wants to play or win solitary.

I wish that friendship didn’t disqualify compatibility. Harmonious elements pair to bemuse and be amusing with every vibration, like flowing ripples across a sea of energy. Mermaids didn’t drown all the sailors, they just realized their mistakes and let them go.

I wish that I didn’t misunderstand how nothing that happens “in time” is supposed to happen on “our time”. A chance meeting, a rapport, a fascination, a jubilation, a connection, or a joygasm are just “on time”. I wish I were worthy of all the stars falling which carry the fairy dust of these thoughts along the road, illuminating the signs.

Photo by Vincent Chin on Unsplash

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