Men don't be moved

Men don’t be moved

God has always made a distinction between His people and those who are not His people. If we are His people we should grow in obedience to His word. Not pick and choose what’s convenient for us, nor be subjective because of the way one was raised. God’s intent is to show Himself through His people to all other people. That He is the one and only true God both of the old and new covenant.

True Believers shouldn’t allow these societal waves and movements of undisciplined ways of thinking and living scare them away from the truth of sound biblical teachings. I can conclude through the process of time, observation, and one’s conversation if they are a part of God’s family. Using God’s word as the only litmus test.

Today I find too many claiming to be godly men, shaken by something called ” Women Empowerment Movement “, and they are using God’s word as the standard of why women are to be submissive to men. People have highly misinterpreted God’s word and have been doing it in this fashion for too long. We need to understand the context in which scripture references the headship and authority of men opposed to women and the ways in which it is applied.

I believe too many men are immature and insecure within themselves and the position God has given them. Nor do they have a healthy biblical view of who a man is, how he should operate, and how not operating in certain traditional socially acceptable ways doesn’t take from who we are and our position of authority. IN-JOY

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