The Master's Plea

The Master’s Plea

Who is this letter to? I do not know. The contents of this correspondence will be filled with the expression of my heart. I can only hope they are words from the Master’s mouth, and that He will guide these words to the reader of which it belongs.

Are you in the valley or on the peak?
No matter your plight, it is the Master you seek.
You can believe in Him with all of your head
But the tears will still flow as you lay on your bed.
One Master gives victory, the other defeat.
If it’s a life of addiction and misery you repeat, it’s the devil you entreat.
However, if you long for new life, purpose and hope
You won’t find it in dope or the Pope.
“I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life”, said your greatest fan.
He loves you so much that God became man.
A perfect life lived as an example for all to follow.
If you trust in Him with all your heart, will you still be hollow?
“Come and see”, is the Master’s plea.
“I will prove Myself to be faithful and true.”
“Turn from your sin, accept Me as Lord is all you must do.”
“Will you?”

Photo by Tim H├╝fner on Unsplash

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