"A love for music"

“A love for music”

I have a great love for music.
I am a very open-minded individual when it
comes to music. I have a wide variety
of genres I listen to but my favorites are
R&B and Hip Hop because those are the
types of music I can relate to most and are
also the kinds of music I write myself.
I love to sing and rap. I’ll admit I’m a little
shy but nonetheless it gives me a positive
way to express myself.

“What is love?”

Love is a genuine feeling you have for
someone or something you deeply care about,
love is unconditional,
love is staying true through the ups, the downs, the
goods and the bad,
love is what gets you through hard times,
love is limitless,
love is everlasting,
love is a very complex thing but when its real,
damn it feels good.

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