The Lord Forgave Me

The Lord Forgave Me

“The Lord Forgave Me” Song by Santi of The D.B.A LLC B.K.A Ian Cultrona #758-488
Born on the winter solstice with a heart that is the coldest,
Flow that’s ferocious, chocking the comatoses,
Rotate my globe, grab aim and take focus,
Shuffle the cards and raise the bet until their folding,

I’ve been through ups and downs, trials and tribulations,
Standing ovations, boo’s and compilations,
In tune with obligations, resume the investigation,
Trying to understand life consumed with aggregation,

Let pencil hit paper, like lightning striking earth,
December 21st was the birth of a curse,
If you look in my words you’ll observe and see hurt,
Like a diamond in the dirt digging to find my worth,

Because the Lord saved me, from the scum I was,
So many years straight, I was done with drugs,
I went from doing crumbs in the slums looking strung and clucked,
To a man that’s grown up, big guns and an iron tongue,

I try to focus and follow, with a heart that’s cored hollow,
Face always was bitter like I ate something sour,
Watch the sand glass by the hour, turn into years,
The pocket change that I had, turned into beers,

Viks and Percs, Herb and Squares,
I was living by the moment and it got me nowhere,
But when I moved away and observed the hindsight,
And seen the heat of my life was bright from gun fights

Do you want that with your life. . . life. . . life ???

Hell naw, you think I’d fail flawed?
I rather sail off far along where I don’t have to see y’all,
Chuck duces duck nooses, until I’m done cruising,
Blow smooches at the cemetery over stone ruins,

I’ve overthrown crews, with one single hand,
And still I stand chin up and grin like it was planned,
Lick my fingers and check for wind, before I dial them in,
Accustom to the wild evolution kicks in,

You can call me a water splash, I know how to adapt,
In the liquid format I will sink in and crack,
When the heat comes blasting, I evaporate on contact,
My heart froze solid cold, I care for no man,

But I’m back at it again, time to really get it in,
Show the difference and intelligence, and make it all relevant,
With all this development, I established my style,
Got in peoples mouth, and shut the whole city down,

Why would y’all expect something less, than the best from the rest?
I arose from the flesh, orange cones and a stone chest,
Foreign poems with content, not known to your conscious,
I hear some flipping big words, but how they live is nonsense,

There’s too many capper rappers, after being the master,
Until I attach to a beat, causing havoc and disaster,
I am Raps rapture, write the book of no forgiveness,
Cage the Dawg, are you ready for Ambitious?

Lyrics By: Ian Cultrona

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