Living Life Full Throttle

Living Life Full Throttle

I’m an optimist. Prior to incarceration I had owned a small landscaping company and I basically believe in governing yourself or financial freedom through owning businesses. I love going to car shows, water parks, fancy restaurants and tons more. I am highly motivated, so if you’re not that type, keep on scrolling.

As I said earlier, I’ve spent my time being productive, studying books so I can apply my knowledge to life upon release, hopefully the trucking industry affords me the financial success I need so I can open a real estate company & other businesses. Then in time I am going to buy some land and a house to be able to have a Livestock Farm.

I’m not big into movies, but hey if you can pull me away from working I like watching action, adventure, comedy type movies and I don’t like to expose this side of me too often but every now & again I like Romance movies. In the summer time you can’t be scared of a little water or mud, because I love Jet Skiing and 4-Wheeling.

Everyone has a little tomboy in them here & there (haha). Last, but not least, I am a handyman. I have experience as a mechanic, flooring, painting, roofing, construction and there’s way too many to list. So hopefully you get to witness my full potential. I don’t want to expose my hand too much, so don’t be shy your whole life… DM me!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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