Life’s Unforeseeables – Renardo Minor

Sifting through thought’s trying to better my option’s keep me hesitant in speaking because I stay pondering. Like meditating with your third open but to hear clearly I had to close my eye’s just to see who was talking to me. Familiar moments got me picking my brain, searching for a grain of faith in a troubled spirit. Life is what it seems for the most part & rarely changes it’s direction unless directed otherwise by the omnipotent. 18yrs, 1 month & 5 days to this date of Isolation from love & life has ironically blessed me with an intimate introduction of self so much that those attempting to figure me out only concludes that I’m stuck on myself. And I agree, I really like myself, it’s even safe to say I’m in love with myself. I’d also admit to being complicated because life isn’t an open book with 50% of it’s experiences possibly resulting in some type of pain or failure, So the only light getting in is already within, Unless summoned by the ancestral council. I therefore remain as foreign as the car’s I’ll never own. With giving a lot of myself to phantom limbs extending everything I didn’t have to give simply because I needed to feel apart of purpose. By reason of design, we’re already randomly seeking & searching the unknown In order to know ourselves more completely rather than In part. Scripture say’s to “Know Thyself’, For The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within”. So If God is chillin in heaven & heaven consist of knowledge of self, I’m thinking we oughta spend a bit more time learning about self & what makes self happy/tic opposed to daily contributions to a matrix that may foreclose on your foundation & retirement at any moment. I’ve learned to keep a umbrella handy for life’s unforeseeables, You know, Them isolated moment changers. Before you can be happy with & satisfy someone else, You 1st gotta be happy & satisfied with yourself.

Thank you all for my many Birthday & Fathers day wishes, It’s instances like this that make’s me proud to be an American 🙂 Peace & Blessings To The Body, One.

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  1. I am so happy to see how much you have changed over the years. You speak so fluently, and with such depth and articulation. I am proud of the man you have become; despite your circumstances.

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