Life is full of choices. We make them and the results vary from good to bad depending on the circumstances. I just want to let all who read this blog know that I appreciate your devotion of time first and foremost, but also, I understand and empathize with everyone who has lost someone to Covid-19 and this ruthless pandemic. Moving on, anyone who’s lost someone to this unjust and criminally controlled “Just-Us” system, I feel your pain directly from behind these walls.

I was wrongfully accused, arrested, charged and convicted for a crime I didn’t commit which has me 12 years into a life sentence as I write this. All I know is to stand strong and fight to expose the “Just-Us” system for misusing the “Justice” label as a smokescreen for the wrong they do to the men and women like myself across the world everyday. Sure, people commit crimes everyday and should be held accountable for their actions, but what about people like me? I’m no angel. I make my share of mistakes like every human being on the face of this planet, but nobody should have their life taken away while the actual guilty person still can live theirs without a care in the world. “Anyone” who’s reading this and can feel where I’m coming from, please reach out and contact me either through email at (JPay.com/Rodney Smith #1107094) or through postal mail at:

Red Onion State Prison
PO Box 970
Pound, Virginia 24279

Thank you in advance. Stay safe and God bless you.

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