January's blog wiccan

January’s blog – Wiccan

We were unfortunate enough for covid to hit the institution so the holidays have been much slower than normal. No sports to play and working out slowed down. I hope everyone had a great Christmas or A very merry Yule. Again if there are any Wiccan priests or priestesses that would like to take the prisons on as a coven it would be greatly appreciated. I know Ohio the Wiccans barely get recognized. Anyone that is a fan of poetry please check out www.ID13project.com/grafton like it on facebook and all other social media. We could use your support making the arts popular in prison. For all that celebrated it, Furaha Kwanzaa, I hope you got to celebrate familia, Jumuiwa, and Utamaduni. I hope everyone and their families stay safe and covid free for the new year. Happy New Years all

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