Introspective Self

Introspective Self

Some years ago, my oldest brother had sent me a book while I was serving time in a SuperMax prison. The book was called “Introspective Self”. At the time I wasn’t familiar with that type of word, so I just simply filed it away. Until this very day while having a conversation with a friend of mine. I had shared some issues that I was having then he said, “I need to find out who I am and stay focused on what matters in my life!” Hearing this insight turned on a switch in my inner self, it moved my spirit and motivated me all at the same time!

This question came to mind: How many times does a person have to fail to finally get it right? Instead of dwelling on that, I thought it would be best to go back to the place and time where it all began. My upbringing where I lived everyday, things going on outside of my household. Even though all of the above does factor in, it still falls short. So today, I decided to ask myself who am “I” first and foremost. My name is Anthony D. Goodman. I am a child of God. A man who often went wayward during his journey in life! However, the good news is I am still breathing, still believing… that although I can’t change our world, I can change my attitude & my mindset. The light at the end of the tunnel is still burning bright. Nevertheless I am a caring, thoughtful person, but more importantly I am an active work in progress!

These qualities reflect… Introspective Self

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