Inspiration – Maurice Hawkins

There’s no mountain higher than my vision
My path is my ambition
Dedicated when all odds are against me
My calling is breaking through the struggles
That’s keeping me bound
Determined as I grow
Piercing through every obstacle as I strive
For success
Failure can never curse my veins
Blocked by the strength of discipline
Competitors want me to quit or even wish the worse
That I fall into a pit
Envied by my will power that little possessed
Focus as I become enlightened to the unreal reality
Painted by the F.O.E.S that smile in my face
but wanna take my place
Progress as I side step their deceitfulness
As the words roll of their tongue trying to manipulate my mind
Conscious of self so I can never be blind
Speeding with no worries as I pace in my lane
They want me to stop but I give them a wave
Trying to catch up to me, they’re too far away
As I reach high standing with pride
Living each moment with joy inside, knowing that there’s a will and a way,
all I have yet accomplished is what I’m achieving today

Inspiration – Maurice Hawkins 

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  1. I love this because I’m an addict in recovery and I thought I’d be in that dark pit for the rest of my life but I am determined to put my past behind me and be successful in life. I’m very proud to be in recovery and I will never let anyone down me for my past anymore. Thank you for the reading

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