Recently I have been lucky enough to have my art put out for the world to see. While that is exhilirating and also a little scary, I am very thankful to have received positive feedback. I feel like what ive been doing the last few years has not in vain and nice comments that have been relayed to me have served as great validation for the path i am on now. So from the bottom of my heart thanks to all who were kind to my art! You have no idea what it has meant to me.
With that being said I think it is right to give credit and much appreciation to my number one source of material and model subjects: INKED MAGAZINE. I’ve been in prison almost 15 years and they are by far the best tattoo magazine i’ve seen. Personally I love that it is not centered solely on flash and artist profiles. There is a place for that for sure and i love it but the more diverse content with different types of art and music and culture have led me to find tons of great subjects. I plan to give more props to the models that inspired me and also provide some explanation of the work they gassed me up to do in the future. For now I just need to get this out!
Honestly I never really thought anything I did would be seen outside of a few people didn’t have a concept of what being inspired by other peoples images and work carried with it. I hope that INKED, all models and photographers that inspired me are flattered and please know I meant no disrespect and absolutely loved the work! Thats why I painted or drew them!
We passed mags around in here and I didn’t own any of them so I can’t remember everything that got my attention! Sorry! I have done my best to compile this list of models and features I have been inspired to do work from INKED:
*From Aug 2017 “SEX” issue
Brody Grody, INK ADDICT advertisement with womon in Tattooed As F!@# shirt walkin a dobey, Nikkie Heart and Leigh Raven
*From Mar 2019 “Pin-Up” issue
Tattoo of the month by @niceguychris on @linnforsbergs, Nina Kate from “Fetish to Fashion feature, Giulia
*From November 2019
Sabina Kelly in “Doll Yourself Up” feature
*From Sep 2017
Rici-T, ricitatts.ismygirl
*From issues I didn’t keep notation on:
Chandra Thirteen is as awesome as I can’t recall either…sorry! but what i great picture, Christy Mack from a cover, Mimi Fulton, Leah Mother of Dragons of the Mad Pussy Gang
I have used so many great photos and models to learn to draw and paint but these are ones that became finished pieces.
I believe that all artists, photographers, models and publications deserve their due credit and control over their work. I have nothing but deep gratitude and respect for all on this list!
I also have an INK’N GIRLS photo book by Akos Banfalvi that served as the basis for a series of charcoal studies as I started to experiment with the medium. The models were: Melissa Wisdom photos by SC studios, Leigha Hagan photos by Mannon pictures, Lusy Logan photos by Kems photography and Sarah Mailet photos by Kev Cool and Philbrick photography.
Once again I was learning to paint and draw beyond what I knew and these images were the catalysts to help me continue to change my life and better myself. In this limited environment it is mostly what I had access to and therefore how I learned.
So thanks to all the people that gave me so much inspiration! I hope this is well recieved!

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