Incarcerated Husband

Person with an Incarcerated Husband

Today is the start of a new experience and the first thing I would like you to do is throw out that old playbook of knowledge on how to find love, because most likely if you still haven’t found him yet it’s not working. Ladies there are still good men out there at your disposal, but you must look past what society says about them. Stop allowing what someone else sets as a standard to be your standard. Incarcerated men have made bad choices in their lives and I’m not just saying this to make excuses for us, because yes we could have done it society’s way but then we would not be the men we are now.

We as incarcerated brothers are tired of seeing our powerful women treated as just cattle for the slaying or another notch on a man’s hat or quest list. That’s not fair to y’all at all. Most of you ladies are Great, Ambitious, Beautiful women who are going places in life and all that’s missing is someone to share it with ”Mr. Right”.

Well try an Incarcerated Husband who only has time for you and will dedicate his every waking hour to be there for you in every aspect of your life spiritually, mentally and physically; in part with the last one because of current circumstances won’t allow but visitation, not to get off track though. How many of you women have been cheated on by a man who swore up and down he loved you? Who said, ”You are my whole world and my eyes only see you Baby Girl”. Then no sooner as he says all of this B.S., you catch him texting, talking, or even him lying in your bed with another woman or your best friend? Crazy, right? Well you will never have to worry about an incarcerated husband cheating on you ever. I know what some of you ladies are thinking. Well he can cheat with a woman correctional officer or a man. Trust me when I tell you that is very rare. Don’t be fooled by what you see on movies, sitcoms about prison life.

Yes, it happens at times, but not like it’s portrayed on television. Most of the brothers I’m speaking about have been heartbroken & left for dead by a wife or girlfriend who promised to always be there no matter what, only to find out this was all lies in the end. We definitely know the feeling of betrayal. We pride ourselves as men who respect our ladies enough to give them honesty, encouragement, support, and unconditional love which is missing out of their lives in the free world.

I promise if you take a leap of faith in this direction you will not be sorry or suffer regret and heartbreak, this will change your life forever. We understand the hurt & anger. you as women go through with an insecure man who can’t express himself unless he is tearing you down mentally or putting his fist upside your head physically. This is not cool at all. We as incarcerated husbands would never respect little boys who do this, to make them feel better about themselves. These chumps, as we believe, are very weak men who can place their hands on a woman.

God made you women as our rib meaning you are our protection from ourselves, our backbone pushing us forward when everything else in life tries to keep us down. You women have the power to create life while building up the nation of the new generation. From out of your womb after nine months of carrying a miracle in your body with the pain of childbirth there is true blessing at the end. Glory be to you Lord Jesus! We give thanks for our strong, powerful women! Y’all are a gift to humanity and always have been. You ladies should be treated with dignity & respect. You deserve to have a man be totally honest & loyal & faithful, and loving to you and only you.

We as incarcerated husbands understand what it feels like to be cast aside without a care in the world. It hurts everyday when we are alone in a 6′ x 9′ concrete cell, wondering what did I do to deserve her doing me wrong. I was a good man or husband to her and she dropped me without a second’s notice or thought. See it was cool when I was home providing my support money wise, giving you shelter & transportation and not to mention my trust. Being forgotten is the worst pain of all. How can a person make marriage vows and then just throw them away. What happened to be better or worse?

Ladies, for all of the good ones who still have loyalty, commitment, trust, faith, and real love, we applaud you and appreciate you always. I know some of you have cried so many tears of sadness. Asking God why? When is he going to change? Guess what? If you continue to allow him to crush your heart, he will! There is no changing for someone who doesn’t want or see the need to change. That’s why we need y’all women to wake up and put on your big girl panties and try someone new & improved design just for you. The joy we will bring each other will be spectacular.

To everyone who has ever experienced heartbreak, disrespect, unfaithfulness, and pure hell in past and previous relationships this can be a guide to find you a man who can make your life better & put a smile back on your face & inside your heart. So don’t be shy! Please reach out to me through the regular US Mail at:
Jamal Clemons #1140356
Red Onion State Prison
P.O. Box 970
Pound, VA. 24279.

I believe if a person can take the time out to handwrite a letter then it’s someone I can give my time and attention too. I dedicate these powerful heartfelt words to everyone searching for true love.

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