If It's Love

When do you know If It’s Love?

When do you know If It’s Love?
This is something that we all fight with, when we already know the answer. There’s always a sign, but we choose to not see it. But when we really look and ask ourselves the question ( Is She The One??) and somehow we talk ourselves out of a good thing. But do we really? On some level we know she’s not the one. She just for right now.
Love doesn’t hurt. Love doesn’t make you think of others like you do Her. Love makes you want to know you both are on the same page. Love is easy and should want both of you to work with each other and not force it.
I was just thinking the other day, We can find friends from all over the world. Why can’t you be friends with the one you give your heart to? I know when you become friends first things are much better. She should be your BFF and the one you can talk everything out with.
So when you get done reading this ask yourself are you ready for Her and is She ready for you?
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Patrick Johnson #A391-134

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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