I long for love

I long for love

I long for the escape from this existence of ”Peate” and “repeat.”

Nothing changes here, except the monthly meal menu, but only to restart at the beginning of each month, or the slightly different order of commissary if one can afford it; by the means of family/friends supporting you from the beyond…. Beyond the razor wire fence.

There’s no companionship, just the continuation of some school yard bully mentality for adults; actually ”children of men.”

Family, friends fall off the wayside with each year fading away…. ‘Turning into years, then 1/2 decades, to decades becoming that ”stadistition,” That ”statistic NUMBER,” That ”numerical matrix;” making human existence turn into………. Well, you get the picture.

I yern for home….Home, where I can have the power of choice, as choice is taken from these ”in forced” eternal 4 – way walls.

I yearn for ”companionship.” The exquisitely soft touch of a woman. The deep provoking smile that sears electricity into my heart. Those soft eyes of love, admiration, that locks me in by her majestic empowering beauty.

I long for a connection. Someone to share with. Someone to laugh with, create memories with, that eternal, internal, mesmerizing, and electric.

I long to be loved, adored, riveted, and whisked away from the fluttering of my heart….

I long for that sensualness, that deep compassion, that look from her that captivates me.

I long for love, friendship, laughter, compassion, that one cannot conceive to ever receive encased inside these eternal non forgiving 4 – way walls from a woman.

I have so much inside my heart to give……

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