I just want a Good Woman

I just want a Good Woman

My days of entrapment are coming to a close! I’m wondering where this Beautiful Woman I keep seeing is? Forget it…..I’m not going to attempt to be all deep….I just want a Queen before this prison experiment is complete!

*I’m Not all too interested in how ”Good” you look or what type of body you think you have! I just want a Good Woman….. I’m 43years old…all that vanity doesn’t appeal to me as it did during my younger days!
*White, Asian, Hispanic, etc……..?? Check the profile and the videos….what else do I need to do to attract a Queen……

I get out in July, 2024……I’ll be at a Transitional Center in about a year!, so I’ll be able to have my own cell phone once I’m there! Better communication!
Not going to be too wordy either…..

Hit me up……Peace….

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

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