How I’ll Treat Her

How I’ll Treat Her? Like her name is Kamala and I’ll vote for her! Like I’m the Yellow Emperor and she taught me the art of rulership, sex, and war. Or call her Hatshepsut, my 1st lady Kemetic Pharaoh and the Notorious B. I.G. and let her be my Supreme Justice!
Never would I let her wait until 1920, 52 years after me to vote, but like XIX Amend. I’d embraced it. I’m standing behind and in front of her. How I’ll treat her? Call her my Madam CJ Walker, Cuffon the Money Machines Short, let’s get this money$! Or like she’s Hallie Berry in Monster’s Ball. I’d listen to her and let her intuition guide and better me.
Women empowerment, know the facts! (Tell them Imhotep A.K.A Big Chris/ Christopher Trotter told you this!)

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